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Lord of the Rings Graphics
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This is a Lord of the Rings graphics community. Here is where you can post and share icons, wallpapers, banners, and what have you.


1)Indicate what the contents of your post contain (fanart or screencaps, etc). Also indicate whether or not others are allowed to take what you are posting or whether you prefer it kept within the community.

2) If you would like to use a graphic or picture for your own purposes (lj layout, website graphic, etc) Always ask the creator of the graphic for permission and credit them.

3) Use the lj-cut if the image is larger than 500x500 pixels or if your post contains more than one graphic.

4)We prefer that you don't post graphics that contain obvious slash or photo manipulations made to look like slash.

5) Try to limit cross posting as much as you can.

6) No advertisements for other communities is allowed.

7) Try to include a graphic in all of your posts. This is what the community is here for.

8)Have fun and enjoy yourself here :)

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